Your Connect dashboard serves as a central hub for various essential functions, ranging from monitoring your generated revenue to reviewing logs that facilitate debugging.

We've designed the Connect dashboard to offer maximum assistance and usability, ensuring it provides a valuable resource for efficiently managing and optimising your operations.


As part of your onboarding process, you will receive an invitation to configure your dashboard login credentials.

Contact our team to acquire your unique API key and Partner ID. Once equipped, you're set to seamlessly integrate our industry-leading student accommodation services into your platform.

Checkout Setup

From the checkout setup page, you can easily configure various customization options to ensure that the checkout aligns seamlessly with your branding and enhances the overall customer experience.

Your Logo

You have the option to upload a JPEG, PNG, or SVG file with a maximum size of 10 MB. This uploaded file will be prominently displayed at the top of the checkout page and also featured in the footer.


Easily set your primary and secondary colours by choosing from the available options or entering an HTML colour code. The primary colours will be applied to the progress bar and buttons, while the secondary colours will enhance the booking summary section. We strongly recommend utilising the checkout preview to ensure that your chosen colours align with accessibility best practices and do not create any disruptions.


Here you can control a couple of styling options on the form.

  • Shapes - This determines whether your checkout will feature fields and elements with rounded edges or square corners. It specifically adjusts the border-radius of particular sections on the checkout form.
  • Header logo position - This setting determines the alignment of your logo on the page. Choose from left, center, or right alignment based on your preference.

Redirect URL

The provided URL is the destination where users will be redirected after an attempt to charge a student through your configured checkout. It's essential to ensure that this URL is configured to accept a POST method, as it will receive data regarding the booked room and the payment status. Consider displaying this information, along with pertinent messages, to inform the student about the success or failure of the payment transaction.

Previewing checkout

As you make changes to your checkout, the preview will automatically update to reflect these modifications.

It is highly recommended to regularly check the preview to ensure adherence to accessibility best practices and to verify that the checkout is rendering correctly.

If something doesn’t look right please let us know.

Webhook Configuration

You can easily configure a webhook from the dashboard by selecting the specific events you wish to monitor. Simply choose the events relevant to your needs and add your URL to initiate the connection. For more information on configuring webhooks please read here.


Within your dashboard, navigate to the dedicated monitoring section to access a comprehensive events log.

This log provides a detailed overview of API calls, including the associated status codes.

In the case of errors, you will find corresponding error codes. For further details on these errors, refer to the additional information provided here.