Housemates Connect API

Welcome to the Housemates Connect API Documentation!

Our API provides access to our student accommodation marketplace, allowing you to seamlessly integrate these capabilities into your own platform.

Our API suite covers essential aspects of the user experience, including accommodation discovery, support services, and a streamlined booking and payment process. By leveraging our API endpoints, you can offer your users a superior student accommodation experience that complements your platform's unique features.

We also offer a robust PHP Software Development Kit (SDK) to support your development process, with a Javascript version coming soon. Our goal is to provide a reliable and robust API suite to amplify your platform's capabilities. Let's work together to create something exceptional. Stay tuned for more exciting updates!

Getting started

To commence your journey with the Housemates API, contact our team to acquire your unique API key and Partner ID. Once equipped, you're set to seamlessly integrate our industry-leading student accommodation services into your platform.



Learn how to authenticate your API requests.

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Understand how to work with paginated responses.

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Read about the different types of errors returned by the API.

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Learn how to programmatically configure webhooks for your app.

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Learn about the property model and how to retrieve, filter and list properties.


Learn about the room model and how to retrieve, filter and list rooms.


Learn about the enquiry model and how to create, retrieve and list enquiries.


Learn about the checkout endpoints and understand how to make a booking.